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Health is Wealth

Maximise your employees potential whilst building team spirit, a real sense of community, connection & allegiance with a Wim Hof Method workshop or tailored experience.

Contact us to see how we can make a real positive impact on your company

Maximise potential

The WHM is tailor-made to cultivate a clear & balanced state of mind which is equally important for both employer and employee to stay fit, focused and alert. It helps to build inner confidence that in turn helps employees to deal with pressure, reduces stress and paves the way for deep, restful sleep, which is converted into more energy & productivity. 

Stress Management

We believe that optimal performance starts with a clear, clutter-free and balanced body and mind. An uncluttered mind is free of distractions, of pointless thoughts that introduce stress and doubt, which can affect creativity and problem-solving. Learn how to de-stress, relax and handle pressure.

Build Team Spirit

The WHM is also fun to do as a team — it forges not only the character and mindset of the individual, but promotes a bonding quality as well. Experiencing the WHM as a team enhances the team spirit and unity, providing yet another layer of synergy, alignment and productivity. 

Sauna Sales: Services
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The Wim Hof Method is based on 3 Pillars of strength

Foot Tracks on Sand


"Sam & Jana delivered an incredible course for my team at Solve Web Media! We all had an experience that we will remember for the rest of our lives! Everything was amazing. The music, the smells, the care, the hail The cold! The breathing was immensely powerful. So much so, one of our team was stuck to the floor. Turned out he was fine and had a life-changing experience. Highly recommended for 100's of reasons!"

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