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Soul Sweats

The Team

The Cornish health & wellness venture Soul Sweats was founded by Sam, certified Wim Hof Method instructor and holistic life coach at the CHEK Institute, and partner Jana, yoga teacher and psychology researcher, in 2018.


Sam Boot

Sam has many years practicing various healing modalities throughout the world, learning from some Incredible teachers along the way including Vancouver, BC Canada, the jungles of Costa Rica and most recently Poland, under the guidance of Wim Hoff himself. He feels strongly about sharing these teachings with others, providing, what he calls 'tools for the toolbox of life' to help navigate the twists and turns we all encounter, now more than ever it seems.

He is a qualified WHM Instructor with over 10 years experience practicing various Yoga disciplines. He is passionate about Permaculture and most recently qualified as a Holistic Life Coach at the CHEK Institute under Paul Chek. He loves to work with sound to faciliate deep states of relaxation. As is a passionate surfer & Ocean lover, he believes in the natural healing powers of the body and that by being in physical touch with the natural world we can maximise the bodies capabilities.

Jana Virian

Jana believes in the power of mindful movement and breath to help balance the nervous system. During WHM workshops and retreats her Vinyasa 'pre ice flows' focus on generating inner heat and activating the sympathetic NS whilst always reconnecting students to their breath. Her calming restorative yoga Nidra classes help students to drop into a deep meditative and relaxed state activating the parasympathetic NS. Jana has over 10 years’ experience in yogic and holistic health disciplines with a postgraduate research degree in psychology. Her professional background in mental health and running retreats ensures that all participants feel safe and empowered when facing challenges. As a surfer and cold water swimmer she deeply believes in combining the power of cold therapy, breath, and mindful movement with the grounding energy of science to help people lead a more connected and healthy life.

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